Fast deliveries, animalistic fun and donating 10% of our profit towards animal welfare! This is Kananlento’s strategy in the business world of many giants. 

Kananlento (Flying Chicken Shop) is based on the will to do fun and meaningful work for animals with people who love animals. We sell animal themed products while doing good at the same time. As stated in our co-operative’s rules, we donate 10% of our profit towards animal welfare - either directly to animal protection or research supporting that. An important matter but we feel that doing good does not necessarily require a serious face. It helps to have a good sense of humor - which you will surely see, if you follow us on social media. 

Mrs Kotkot (“Mrs Cluckcluck”) established the first Kananlento boutique in old Porvoo in 2005. There have been Kananlento boutiques in Porvoo, Helsinki and Sipoo. Inspiration to the business has started with Mrs Kotkot’s hobby of collecting chicken themed products. She noticed that many people have similar interests in various animal products. 

Kananlento is a finnish company run by a co-operative called Osuuskunta Orrella (Co-op On roost). It is both a webshop and a small rural boutique which is an experience on its own. The boutique has been built into an old stable on the farm owned by Mrs and Mr Kotkot. The boutique is open on a varying timetable and can also be opened for a private visit upon prior agreement. Different types of events are also organized on the farm every now and then. Animals are a natural part of the farm - there are donkeys, chicken, dogs, cats and quails. 

Kananlento promises to be fair and fun and also delivers webshop orders fast to customers.  

To us, fairness means that we aim to keep prices fair but we do not compete with prices. This ensures the continuity of the company and enables donations towards animal welfare. Our pricing strategy is also a part of this fairness; products are priced just right and we do not have sales. With us, customers won’t be disappointed to see the same product on sale the next day they bought theirs. 

Being fun might be the most challenging part but that is our aim. We aim to do meaningful and enjoyable work and show it to our customers. We do this because we want to do it. Part of this fun is naturally the charity aspect. When we succeed in our work, we can help animals. What could be better than that!

At Kananlento, be it the boutique or the webshop, you will most likely meet Mrs Kotkot who is responsible for customer service and marketing. Others involved in the business are Mr Kotkot, adult children of Mrs Kotkot and Mrs Hauwau. 

Welcome to our animalistic life! 

Best regards, Mrs and Mr Kotkot and other Kananlento’s people and animals

Company Official name Osuuskunta Orrella.

Commercial name Kananlento

Address Trankärrintie 19, 04130 Sipoo, Finland


phone +358 45 167 4757